Various types of Chinese Visa

If you want to visit China, first of all, you have to figure out, which type of Chinese visa you need. As one of the largest and most popular destinations in the world, China receives a large number of foreign visitors, who have different motives for entering the country. Therefore the Chinese government has established several different types of visa.

Some nationalities do not require a Chinese visa when entering the country for short periods (not more than 15 days). These include passport holders of Japan, Singapore and Brunei. For people, who require Chinese Visa, the most common type is the L Visa (L from Leisure). This visa is issued to people who want to visit China on holiday. Its validity expires 90 or 180 days after the date of issue. The maximum duration of the stay, allowed by the L Visa is 30 days.

The next type of visa for China is the F type (Business Visa). The holder of the F type visa may visit China for a period up to 6 months in order to participate in commercial activities including training or internship. The F visa is valid for 90 or 180 days after the day on which it has been issued.

The Z type visa is the working visa for China.  This visa is suitable for people, who want to work in China for more than six months. In order Z visa to be obtained, the Chinese authorities could require a copy of the invitation or admission letter/notice sent by the potential employer.

For people, who want to undertake long-term studies in China the X visa will be the most suitable type of visaIt is important to note that Students holding an X Visa are not allowed to work in China. If the Chinese authorities detect, that a person engages in an unauthorized working activity, he or she may be deported.

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