Top 3 Most Relaxing World Destinations

If you are on a holiday and you really want to enjoy a nice, relaxing time away from the craziness of most tourist destinations, but you still don’t want to be too far away from people, you can do something about it.

There are quite a few locations of that kind around the world, however, we will only cover a few of them here as the possibilities are rather large.

It only seems that there are a few places on the planet where one can relax and simply let go of heir troubles and worries, listen to the natural world and simply forget everything.

There are still quite a few places like that around the world, covered in mystery or tranquil as a garden. If you feel the need to travel someplace else to let go of your worries, this article will help you make that choice with a few destinations. We begin with the following:

St. Vincent And The Grenadines

If you want to find peace and calm, combined with all the amenities of a civilized location, then this small island in the Caribbean is a place you will absolutely love.

Located not too far away from Barbados and to the south of St. Lucia, the weather there is just wonderful.

It is a relatively expensive place though, because of its quiet exterior and that also helps keep the place quiet due to the fact that not many people stay here for extended periods of time.

You will experience crystal clear seas, lovely blue sky a and respectful and friendly locals. If you ever decide to visit this place, you will absolutely have a great time.

Easter Island

Easter Island

Located in Chile, the island is a great place to go as far away from the flocks and large groups of tourists which frequent popular areas.

Although the Easter Island monuments are well-known, the island itself sees a relatively reduced amount of foot traffic.

The monuments are shaped like huge heads, sparking a historic debate as well as many theories, some logical and others quite outlandish. In the end very little is known about their origins or meaning, as much has been lost to the tides of time.

The island itself is very quiet, with some amazing weather. There are some rainy seasons, however, so make sure you check on things before booking a flight or any other type of ride to this ancient place.


A truly remarkable and amazing place to spend time if you have a chance to do so. Located at the intersection of Chile and Argentina, it is truly a place of beauty.

Skies are absolutely breathtaking and amazing, having warm weather and friendly locals.

You will find many chances to enjoy amenities if you wish to, as there are a few resorts around here. Overall Patagonia is a quiet place however, holding some pleasant surprises for those willing to explore it. Certainly a place worth visiting, even if it is once in a lifetime.

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