10 Money-Saving Tips While Travelling Abroad

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It’s super important to save money while travelling abroad as this might give you a chance to extend your trip. And it’s good to do this wisely. VisaFirst has been assisting travellers for many years now, so we’ve learned some useful tips that we want to share with you:

  1.  Get a Working Holiday visa. It will give you an opportunity to work, save money and travel a lot.
  2. Choose indirect flight routes. They are more time consuming, but always cheaper!
  3. Book your flights in low season and at the cheapest days. If you travel off-season, you’ll find better bargains. Avoid weekends and organize your travel from Wednesday to Wednesday rather than from Friday to Friday. Avoid travelling during the holiday season as well as before and after the major holidays like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving.
  4. Weigh your luggage before leaving home. Take out all unnecessary items. Thus, you won’t need to pay higher charges at the airport because your baggage is over the limit.
  5. Don’t book your tickets too early or too late. Most of the travellers book their tickets too early because of a misconception that the earlier you get them, the better. Another misconception is that the flights’ prices lower when booked at the last minute. Book your flights three or four months in advance – not sooner or later.
  6. Use cheaper accommodation options! Instead of booking a room in a hotel, get a private room or apartment. Or if you want to save money, get a 10 or 12 dorm room in a hostel. You can meet other travellers like you there and exchange ideas and experience.
  7. Eat like a local! Eating at local restaurants might be too expensive. Top tip in money-saving is shopping in the local supermarkets for lunch. Or, if you are curious about what the local cuisine like is, go aside from the main streets and you’ll find some beautiful restaurants for half price.
  8. Save on foreign currency exchange. You can save a lot of charges on foreign currency exchange. Using a debit card is cheaper than using a credit card but you will be charged you on top commission fees if you want to withdraw money abroad. So, it might be wiser to avoid withdrawing money abroad, if taking off a larger amount of money.
  9. Ask local people. Locals know their city best. So, ask them anything you are interested in – where to find cheap accommodation, where are the nice restaurants and bars, what places to visit nearby etc.
  10. Walk, walk, walk. Walk wherever and whenever this is possible. Walking is fun and it will reveal you sights you can’t see by car, bus or train and at the same time, you’ll save some money on public transportation.

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