What You Need To Know Before Travelling To Kenya

Planning your next big trip? Well, why not travel to stunning Kenya in East Africa!

Located on the tropical Indian Ocean coastline, Kenya is bursting with diversity including a wide range of attractions for tourists to come and visit.

From exploring the capital city Nairobi or going deep into the desert on safaris, there’s plenty to do for everyone!

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know before your visit to Kenya.

Kenyan Beach Landscape

What can tourists see and do in Nairobi?

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya and tourists will find amazing experiences here.

From bustling local markets and delectable street food to fascinating African tribal exhibitions in historic museums – there is so much to see and do in Kenya.

What Kenyan destinations are a must-see?

Kenya is one of the world’s leading safari destinations.

Safaris are a great attraction for tourists of all ages!

For many tourists, their goal is to get a glimpse of the African Big 5 – which includes elephants, buffalos, lions, leopards and rhinos.

The well-known Masao Mara National Reserve is a must-see.

Here tourists can observe The ‘Great Migration’ which happens each year from July – October where millions of zebras and wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti in Tanzania.

The Nairobi National Park is also one for any tourist’s list.

Located just a 10-minute drive from the centre of Nairobi, the national park hosts a large range of wildlife.

Even though the park itself is small in size. It is also one of Kenya’s most successful sanctuaries for rhinoceros.

Another great tourist attraction is Lake Nakuru National Park, in Central Kenya famous for its pink flamingos in huge flocks.

They have over 450 different species of birds along with leopards, lions, warthogs and waterbucks.

Africa’s second-highest mountain – Mount Kenya is located in Kenya.

It is 5199 meters in height with peaks of snow and slopes covered in forests making for a technical and difficult climb.

However, the mountain has many lower peaks suitable for any hiker.

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Kenyan birds

What kind of traditional Kenyan foods should I try out?

Kenyan dishes are a mix of tradition and ethnicity.

A popular dish is Nyama Choma which is Kenya’s version of roasted meat on the grill – literal translation in Swahili.

The butcher will slice a chunk of meat right off the carcass and let it roast while you wait.

You will find this at most roadside butchers.

If you can afford to eat meat then, the most popular meat is the goat but chicken and beef are usually available too.

But make sure you always check the quality of what you are given!

Other well-known street foods are Bhajia’s, a thick potato slice dipped in a chickpea flour batter then fried.

Grilled maize is another roadside food that is roasted or grilled corn.

Note, never drink water from the tap in Kenya – only boiled or bottled!

Kenya food market

What are local Kenyan people like & what language do they speak in Kenya?

Generally, you will find that locals are very friendly towards tourists.

They are usually respectful and most people speak English.

There are 68 different types of languages spoken in Kenya.

The official languages are Swahili and English.

What currency is used in Kenya?

You will need to change your currency if you are planning on visiting Kenya.

The local currency is Keniaanse Shilling (KES).

Sometimes, you will find that some safari tour operators and resorts will ask for dollars.

This is because the owners are not Kenyan.

Always remember to inform your bank if you plan to use your card in a foreign country in case they cancel it for fraud.

What’s the best time to visit Kenya?

Known for its intense heat, the hottest month is February while July is the coldest and driest month.

If you are not a fan of the rain – avoid April as it’s the wettest!

The best time to visit Kenya is the dry season. This is from July to October.

animals in Kenya

Will I need a visa to visit Kenya?


When travelling to Kenya, you must have a visa before your departure to Kenya as it’s a mandatory requirement.

There are many different visa types for entering Kenya such as:

  • the single entry visa
  • transit visa
  • multiple-entry visa
  • 5yr multiple entry visa
  • a courtesy visa


Who can help me apply for a Kenyan visa?

Visa First!

We offer the Kenya eVisa which is the new electronic type of visa that was made effective on 1 January 2021 for tourists and business visitors which can be applied online for.

This is the ideal type of visa for someone who is looking to visit Kenya for tourism, sightseeing and recreation. This visa is valid for up to 90 days for your desired visit.

How can I apply for a Kenya eVisa?

If you wish to apply for this visa then you must make sure you are eligible.

This includes having a valid passport with blank pages from an eligible country, passport photographs and an application form fully completed.

Visitors that are 15 years or younger travelling to Kenya do not require to hold a visa as long as they have a valid passport.

You will need to provide a number of required documents when applying, such as:

  • one photo, taken within the past 6 months to show your current appearance
  • additional documents supporting your purpose of visit to Kenya.

When applying for a visa always remember not to leave it till the last minute!

However, since the e-Visa is an online process the visa is granted quickly.

It only takes three days from the day your visa is applied for.

Can I still apply for a Kenya Visa due to COVID?


The good news is that Kenya’s travel ban for foreign travellers coming into the country has been lifted!

Therefore you can apply for a visa for your visit.

Applications may take a little bit longer, the average approval for a visa is 8 days.

However, you will need to carry a PCR test taken a maximum of 96 hours prior to your departure.

The PCR test result must be verified by the Trusted Travel system of the African Union.

a group of zebras in Kenya

What are the COVID-19 restrictions in Kenya?

Due to COVID-19, the Kenyan government has taken strict measures to try to stop the spread of the virus.

Some of these restrictions include:

  • Mandatory face masks in public areas such as supermarkets and public transportation
  • There is a curfew between 22:00 and 04:00 where people must go home and remain indoors
  • Restaurants and bars must close after 21:00
  • Transportation vehicles can only hold up to 60% capacitance

How to apply for a Kenya Visa?

Easy! You can apply with us at Visa First.

Here at Visa First, we have over 15 years of experience dealing with visa applications.

We strive to provide easy and convenient visa processing and immigration services avoiding long queues at the local embassy or consulate.

Our team will guide you through the tricky application process – ensuring your forms and documents are completed correctly.

We can also boost your chances of a successful visa application outcome.

Visa First has been a licensed Visa expert since 2003 and has over 1 million clients worldwide. Also, we have gained a 99.7% approval success rate.

If you are interested in visiting Kenya, Visa First can help you get there!
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