Canada will implement its own ETA system

map of Canada

Canada will make it more difficult for foreigners who are from visa-exempt to enter the country.

The Government Agency Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that soon an Electronic Travel Authority program will be implemented.

The ETA will be used to pre-screen foreigners before their entry in Canada. It will identify non-admissible people from countries whose citizens do not require a visa to enter Canada.

At the same time, the ETA will facilitate the entry of people who meet the requirements for entering the country.

All travellers will be required to submit basic personal details and to answer several questions before departing for Canada.

They will receive information about whether they are eligible to travel or not within minutes after their information is submitted.

Some applications may need to be reviewed by an immigration officer before a final decision is made.

People who are admissible for travel will have to print their confirmation and present it to the immigration officers together with other travel documents after they arrive in the country.

According to the Canadian authorities, Visit Visa denials could be imposed on failed refugee claimants, criminals and people on no-fly lists, while individuals who are flagged may be told to call a number or visit a visa office for further investigation.

Travellers who come from countries for which a visa is required will not need to apply through the Electronic Travel Exchange Authority program, as their documents will be handled by another vetting process.

In addition to that United States citizens will also be exempted from the ETA program, due to the fact that the new changes are part of a perimeter security deal between USA and Canada.

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This makes life so much easier!! I am currently in my first year of college and I am hoping to head off to Canada (if there is a job of course!) in four years time! :-)

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