Canadian IEC Program Accepting New Visa Applications From 1 March

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The Canadian IEC program has just announced that they will be accepting new visa applications on 1 March, albeit with some restrictions.

Typically, the program opens every November. However, this was pushed back due to Covid-19

However, the program – which offers visas to working holidaymakers, young professionals and interns – will be reopening its pools for new candidates that would like to apply for a Canadian visa.

In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know if you would like to apply for an IEC visa.

Are there changes to the visa program?

As we are still living with Covid-19, a number of changes have been made to the program to ensure safe travel.

Perhaps the most important addition is that once you have submitted your IEC profile, you must provide proof of a valid job offer in order to secure an invitation to apply for a work permit itself.

The good news is that there is no deadline. Once you provide proof of your job offer, the immigration office will proceed with sending the invitation.

You should also be aware that:

  •  A 14-day quarantine, which includes a 3-night stay at a government authorized hotel is needed.
  • You must show a negative covid-19 test upon arrival, taken no later than 72 hours before the departure flight.
  • You must undergo another Covid-19 test upon arrival (advisable to register in advance for it)
  • You must undergo a second Covid-19 test on day 10 of your quarantine.

If the result of the second covid-19 est is negative and after spending 14 days in quarantine, you will be free to start work.

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Can I apply for a Canadian working holiday visa?

In order to be eligible for this visa you must be aged 18-30 (or 35 for some nationalities) and your home country must have an agreement with Canada.

Each country is allocated a quota that they can fill. For example, the number of spots available for Irish people looking to go on a working holiday is 10,500

Check out the list of each countries quota allocation below:

Country Pool opening date Visa Quota
Ireland 1 March 10,500
France 1 March 7,100
Italy 1 March 1,000
Australia 1 March Unlimited
United Kingdom 1 March 5,000
Belgium 1 March 750
Chile 1 March 725
Costa Rica 1 March 80
Czech Republic 1 March 1,000
Denmark 1 March 350
Greece 1 March 180
Hong Kong SAR 1 March 200
Japan 1 March 6,500
Korea, republic 1 March 4,000
Luxembourg 1 March 80
Norway 1 March 130
Portugal 1 March 1,750
San Marino 1 March 25
Slovakia 1 March 315
Spain 1 March 800
Sweden 1 March 580
Taiwan 1 March 940

Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Slovenia are all yet to be announced.

Applications are not accepted for Mexico and Ukraine.

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How can I apply for this visa?

The first step in applying for a visa is submitting an IEC profile.

Once this is done you will be added to a pool. Invitations are regularly issued to candidates in the IEC pool during the IEC season.

Once you receive your invitation you will have exactly 10 days to accept followed by 20 days to submit your work permit application. You can go in and out of the form as many times as you want within those 20 days.

You will also be required to upload a number of documents to your account.

These include:

  • Bank statement
  • CV/resume
  • Passport
  • Digital photo
  • Family information form (IMM5707)
  • Medical exams (if applicable)
  • Police certificate

You must provide police certificates where you have spent six or more months in a row in another country since the age of 18.

The last step in the application process is paying your fees.

The fees you pay depend on which IEC category you are applying for. All candidates must pay the participation fee, which is CAN $156.

If you are a working holiday participant you must also pay a work permit holder fee of CAN $100.

Young professionals and internship participants are not required to pay any additional fees, however, your employer must pay an employer compliance fee of CAN $230 and submit your offer of employment to the IRCC.

Your employer must complete this step before you submit your work permit application.

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Who can help me apply for my working holiday visa for Canada?

If you are applying for a visa for the first time, it is important you know that the process can be quite overwhelming and complex.

Why not try Visa First to make the process more straightforward and stress-free?

All you have to do is complete our online form and provide us with the correct documentation, leave the hard work to us – we’ll even boost your chances of a successful outcome!

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