New Zealand – The Most Peaceful Country

New Zealand is ranked the most peaceful country in the world for a second consecutive year, shows the Global Peace Index.

The Global Peace Index is conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace for 149 countries.

According to the survey, peace is determined by factors such as income, schooling and level of regional integration. Also, the peaceful countries demonstrate high levels of government transparency and low corruption. The smaller and more stable countries, part of regional blocks, are most likely to score higher spots in the index.

Countries ranking right after New Zealand are Iceland on 2nd place, Japan – 3rd, Austria – 4th, Norway – 5th, and Ireland – 6th.

Australia was far below New Zealand as it took 19th place for a second consecutive year.

It was not a surprise that Iraq was placed last – 149th place, after last year it was slightly better – with 5 places up.

The United States is at 85th, which is far better than previous years as in 2008 it was ranked 97th.

Germany is in the top 20% of most peaceful countries and is 16th; UK is at 31st; France – 32nd, and Russia – 143rd.

The index suggests that the world has become less peaceful compared to a year ago, when the previous survey was taken.


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