Tips for Backpackers

Going to Australia on a working holiday visa is not like a walk in the park. You might need to consider a few things beforehand. Look at the tips below:

1. Don’t try to organize everything too far in advance. It’s not needed to buy all possible guidebooks and to carry them along with you all the time.

2. Keep in touch. With so many internet cafes and handheld devices, you can Skype and Twitter from almost anywhere in the world. Remember when you are thousands of miles away from home, you should not stay off the grid for a long time. You can get an Australian mobile number before you go so you can give it to family and friends.

3. Be alert! Fear is never good, but it’s no harm to beware of anything or anyone suspicious.

4. Keep your valuables at home. No need to bring your favourite jewellery when backpacking. Don’t take anything that you will really miss, you only need to have the basics on hand.

5. Keep track of all local emergency numbers. Here are some of the important emergency contacts that you may need: local police and fire stations, local hospital, local cab company.

6. Once you are ready with everything else, it’s time to pack your baggage. Some useful pointers to make it easier:

– Don’t forget your passport and tickets!

– Safety first! The safest weight for a backpack is a third of your body weight.

– Try to keep your luggage to a minimum. Take only the stuff that is most important to you, anything else you can buy it in Australia.

– Check your baggage limit – if, over the limit, you’ll be charged extra.

– If you travel with a mate, you may pack half your clothes in their bag and carry half of their luggage yourself. This is just a prerequisite measure in case one of the bags is lost.

– Put your checks separate from your visa cards. This will ensure you have limited cash in case you’re the victim of theft or lose an item.

– Carry your cameras, money and keys with your carry on luggage in case your bags are stolen, damaged or lost.

– Label your luggage with your name, address and phone number.

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