Top Tourist Destinations in Asia

Each year global tourism is becoming more popular. Having low-cost airlines and hotels everywhere it is becoming easier than ever to travel abroad. It is difficult to name one top destination and say it is the single most attractive place in the world.

People like different things and are looking for different experiences across the world. In this respect, each continent, city and culture could offer unique and different attractions and ways to spend your time and money.

Tourists are looking for different experiences and emotions when choosing destination abroad. Some are looking for historical places with great architecture and ancient cities. Others are looking for calm, close to nature places. Very popular last few years are the tourists searching for exotic cuisine.

For the most sophisticated travellers is the cultural tourism and modern way of relaxing in luxurious places around the globe.

Asia can offer a lot to travellers and among the top destinations is Hong Kong. Holding one of the top places as most visited by travellers it can offer many places where you can be fascinated.

It has a great blend of modern lifestyle experience to offer as well as historical places such as Man Mo Temple, Po Lin Monastery and others.

The lovers of exotic cuisine will not be disappointed as Asia has a lot to offer when talking about delicious food and exotic meals.

Another great place to be visited in this part of the world is Singapore. It is one of the most famous Asian places to be visited nowadays. It became even more popular after building the huge hotel and casino tourist mecca Marina Bay Sands.

Great place to be visited is also the Singapore Botanic Gardens classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the cultural places to be visited is the Sri Mariamman Temple. There are many other places to be visited if you have enough time. Last couple of years the annual number of tourists in Singapore is exceeding 15mln.

For many years Bangkok is very famous among global travellers. It is the capital of Thailand. Famous for the rich culture and architecture that the city can offer and the great prices of staying and enjoying your time. This place is also famous for its nightlife and a great place for shopping.

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