Things To Do & Places To Visit in Cambodia

overview of a river in Cambodia

Sitting perfectly between Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia is a must-see for anyone on a backpacking trip across South-East Asia.

A country with picture-perfect beaches, ancient temples, bustling cities and unspoiled landscapes, Cambodia truly has something for everyone.

Filled with natural wonders and endless places to visit in Cambodia and explore, you are spoiled for choice, but it can be difficult to squeeze everything into one trip.

To help you out, we have put together this handy guide to some of the top things we recommend you see and do while travelling around Cambodia.

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Explore the ancient temples

Home to some of Cambodia’s most iconic temples and the largest religious sculpture in the world, Angkor Wat Archaeological Park is a must-see for anyone who finds themselves in Cambodia.

This is definitely one of the top things to do in Cambodia during your visit.

It is located deep in the forests of the Siem Reap province.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site stretches a massive 400 square miles area.

It’s nearly 117 times larger than Central Park in New York City.

Within the old stone walls of the heritage site, visitors can hire bicycles or a tuk-tuk driver to take them around the park.

For exceptional views and a less crowded experience, get there early to witness the beautiful Cambodian sunrise over the temple.

The grand scale and incredibly fine detail of the Angkor Wat make it the number one tourist destination in all of Cambodia.

People Walking Near A Temple In Cambodia

Sample some street food

Cambodia is world-famous for its vibrant street food culture.

With a variety of local delicacies and culinary delights on offer on every street corner, it really is a food lover’s paradise.

The eye-catching and inviting food on display is typically available 24/7.

And it is a budget-friendly way to immerse yourself in Cambodian cuisine.

Cambodian food is known for its incredible flavours and unique combination of ingredients and trying it out is one of the best things to do in Cambodia.

While you are visiting, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try some signature Cambodian dishes like Fish Amok, Lap Khmer, Num Roti and Balut.

More adventurous and open-minded tourists might like to try the popular local snacks like deep-fried tarantulas, crickets or locusts.

unusual food in Cambodia

A top tip when buying from the local street food vendors is to stick to ones that have crowds of people eating at them.

Tour the deserted islands

If you are looking to kick back and relax, why not head to one of Cambodia’s deserted tropical islands?

The good news is that a lot of these islands remain off the mass tourism map and have been kept very well.

The largest and most visited island by tourists is Koh Rong and it’s definitely one of the most wonderful places to visit in Cambodia.

It has become quite a popular spot for backpackers in recent years with many coming to party, enjoy the different water sports on offer and relax on the white sandy beaches.

The liveliest part of the Island is the stretch of beach at Koh Touch which is lined with guesthouses and bars.

a beachfront view in Cambodia

However, if you are on a budget, don’t expect luxury resorts and villas.

The infrastructure is still very basic with electricity and Wi-Fi is quite limited.

If you are looking for somewhere quieter away from the beach parties and water sports, head to one of the other nearby islands like Koh Thmei, Koh Ta Kiev or Koh Totang.

Delve into the jungles

Southeast Asia’s largest remaining rainforest, the Cardamom Mountains are located in South-Western Cambodia.

There has been a huge effort put in recent years to preserve the endangered wildlife living in the jungle.

With more tourism-based projects popping up in the area, and recent upgrades to roads in and out of the jungle, it has become a lot more accessible for travellers to come and explore the Cardamoms.

Home to a large array of rare animals and spectacular tropical fauna, the Cardamom mountains are a great spot for those looking for an adventure.

If that sounds exciting to you, make sure to include it on your list of things to do in Cambodia. But just a warning – it is not for the faint-hearted.

Those looking to explore the dense rainforest should be prepared for a simple life. 

There is no Wi-Fi, no running water, and no phone reception in the majority of places.

You will more than likely encounter some odd-looking creepy crawlies and incredible animals.

The nature organisation Wildlife Alliance offers a unique experience that allows you to get up close and personal with some of the animals that call the Cardamom’s home.

These include sun bears, gibbons and leopards.

As a part of the experience, guests will accompany the rangers as they release rescued or injured animals back to their natural habitat.

Do I need a visa to travel to Cambodia?

Before you can visit Cambodia on holiday, you will need to secure a Cambodian eVisa.

The eVisa is a single-entry travel permit that is valid for 3 months from the date that it is approved.

Upon your arrival, you can stay in Cambodia for up to a month.

Don’t worry, if you are not ready to go home after your first 30 days in Cambodia.

The visa can be extended for an extra month. Visa First can help you secure your Cambodia Visa by simply applying online.

To apply for your visa, you must hold a valid passport from an eligible country, and enter Cambodia through the approved checkpoints.

You will also need the following documents.

  • Completed questionnaire
  • Passport (valid for at least three months from the e-visa expiry date)
  • A recent digital photograph

Why Visa First?

The visa application process couldn’t be any easier with Visa First.

As the world’s leading provider of visa and immigration services, Visa First will secure your Cambodian visa for you.

Instead of worrying about the complicated paperwork and the endless queues at the embassy office, our Visa experts will handle your application from start to finish.

It is as straightforward as filling out our short online application form, providing us with the necessary documentation and waiting to receive your visa.

If you are now sure that Cambodia is definitely your next destination, waste no more time and apply for your Cambodia eVisa!


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