Top Things To Do In Laos During Your Holiday

overview of Laos

Known for its vast mountainous landscapes, ancient temples, unspoiled jungles and authentic cuisine, Laos is definitely a destination worth adding to your bucket list.

A lesser-known spot for tourists in comparison to its more popular neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam, the natural beauty and charming rural villages of Laos will make you fall in love with the place as soon as you arrive.

With so many exciting tourist attractions, it can be difficult to pick and choose from the many destinations that Laos has to offer.

With that in mind, we have created this handy guide to help you make the most of your trip to this relaxed, laid-back country.

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Visit Luang Prabang

March in Laos, people dressed in red with drums

Surrounded by miles of vast green hills and never-ending mountain ranges, Luang Prabang’s old town is a must-see for any first-time visitors to Laos.

The main streets are lined with extravagant golden roofed temples, old wooden houses and French colonial-style villas.

Wake up at dawn to witness the Alms giving ceremony. It’s a popular Buddhist tradition that sees the orange-robed monk’s parade down the main street in single-file, ready to receive balls of rice from the local people.

The charming village has something for everyone. From the bustling morning markets offering an array of fresh local produce to exploring the Kuang Si Falls as well as a magical waterfall located 29km outside of the old town. Luang Prabang is definitely worth a visit and it should absolutely be added to your list of top things to do in Laos.

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Bokeo Gibbon Experience

monkey swinging from tree in national park in Laos

For those looking for a bit more of an adventure in this tranquil country, the Bokeo Gibbon Experience may be for you.

The thrilling experience allows you to stay in one of the world’s highest treehouses all while getting up close and personal with the wild gibbons in their natural habitat.

The trip begins with a hike through the luscious jungle, where you will meet everything from the wild gibbons to deer, pigs and even tigers.

Once arrived at your final destination you will spend the next couple of nights sleeping among the wildlife in one of the suspended tree houses.

Those seeking an adrenaline rush will be delighted to hear that the unique experience ends with a breath-taking zip-line ride through the heart of the Nam Kan National Park. If that sounds fun and exciting to you, don’t forget to add it to your list of top things to do In Laos.

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Pha That Luang

Situated in the capital city of Vientiane, Pha That Luang is one of the most religious and important monuments in Laos. You may recognise it as it features everything from Laotian currency to tourist souvenirs.

The structure was built in the 3rd century CE and is believed to house the breastbone of Buddha. It was gifted to the people of Laos by Hindu monks who were sent by Indian King Ashoka. 

In 1566, King Setthathirat commissioned the structure surrounding the stupa. Unfortunately, the stupa, along with the majority of Vientiane was destroyed by Siamese invaders in 1827. And it wasn’t until the 20th century that the Stupa was rebuilt by the French.

If you find yourself in Laos in October and November, you may be interested in attending the That Luang festival. This is one of the most important Buddhist celebrations in Laos. The 3-day event is a great occasion with plenty of parades, religious ceremonies and traditional performances to keep you busy.

Nam Song River

The Nam Song River flows through Vang Vieng, a small town located four hours north of the capital.

It’s one of the town’s biggest attractions. And the reason why it is so popular with tourists is the laid-back and fun activity of floating down the river in a rubber tube.

As you tube down the river, remember to soak in the scenic landscape that surrounds you and call into one of the numerous bars that line the banks of the Nam Song River.

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Kuang Si Waterfall

a waterfall in Laos

If you are looking for a nice spot to cool off, Kuang Si Waterfall will most definitely do the trick.

Located 29 km south of Luang Prabank, the three-tiered waterfall is a must-see if you are visiting Laos.

Stretching 50 Metres tall, the picturesque falls make for a great hike.

Why not take a dip in the turquoise blue pools that sit at the bottom of the falls?

Will I need a visa to travel to Laos?

The one thing you will definitely need in order to visit this stunning country is a visa. But, not to worry, Visa First has everything you need.

Before you can visit the country, you must secure a Laos eVisa. This is a single-entry visa that will allow you to stay in Laos for up to 30 days. The eVisa for Laos is valid for 60 days from the date it is approved.

Therefore, it is important that you plan your trip within the 60 days after you receive it.

You can apply for the Laos eVisa if:

  • You have an in date passport from an eligible country
  • You enter the country through one of the approved checkpoints
  • You don’t stay more than 30 days

Why Choose Visa First?

Applying for a visa can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

Especially if you have never gone through the process before, so why not let someone else do it for you?

With over 18 years of experience in the visa application process, our dedicated visa agents will take care of the boring paperwork so you can skip the hours spent filling out forms and avoid long queues at the embassy office.

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