Best Countries to Retire and Move to Worldwide

Panama city skyline

What are the best spots for retirement around the world? That greatly depends on your personal preferences, however, there are many options and interesting chances to explore different cultures and lands during that time of our lives.

Living and retiring abroad can allow you a much more calm and uplifting retirement than it would in your home country if you choose right.

The following choices are merely a few of the possibly interesting and captivating locations around the globe. They will offer you their own lifestyle choices and different standards of living, so choose wisely. We begin with the following:


Offering a chance to live at relatively reasonable prices for rent including other expenses each month is something you could afford here.

You can even buy a condo or a house near the ocean to enjoy the local views and it could cost you much less than it would if you wanted to live out the rest of your days in the US or other western countries.

Making your move lets you keep and import most of your household goods with a duty-free pass, thanks to a simpler visa process.

This, combined with its lovely climate, beaches and proximity to the Andes makes Ecuador one of the most sought-after destinations for retirement worldwide.


This country will provide you with all the amenities of a large city, great healthcare, local cuisine and activities you can enjoy on a daily basis.

You can allow yourself a pretty good life here based on a middle-class salary equivalent, giving you a chance to enjoy eating out on a regular basis, having housekeeping clean and tidy up your place several times a week as well as social entertainment to your tastes as well.

The major draw which pulls people toward Panama is the excellent Pensionado visa, which allows the retirees who answer the qualifications to get a relatively quick residence status.

This program allows the visa holders medical treatment discounts, as well as such on dining and other aspects of social life.

You will experience many interesting things here, ranging from its rich rainforest to the abundant beaches and secluded locations.

The location of Panama allows you to go from the Pacific to the Atlantic with ease, do some bird watching or other activities well before dinner is served.


Located on the other side of the world from Panama, but yet reminiscent to it in many ways as a geographical location, Malaysia has much to offer to the weary traveller and those interested in ancient cultures.

It serves as a major hub for trade, business and tourism, having its own unique mix of ethnicity and cultures which create a truly different experience. Penang is a place where one may live at around the same amount of resources as Panama itself.

The main difference is, you will have a chance to enjoy a life of luxury compared to most western countries.

The weather here has a tropical flair to it, keeping around 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round, so keep that in mind.

You can explore beaches, jungles, islands and much more. The interesting local cuisine, malls and movie theatres will allow you to enjoy life like no other.

Heather Roberts is a content writer from London, UK. She has a great flair for decoration and interior design. She is searching for new challenges and hence often moves to different places.


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