UK Home Office Getting Stricter on Tier 2 visa for Skilled Workers


The UK government undertook serious changes on the UK Tier 2 Skilled Worker program at the end of last year. As a result of the old government migration policy, a lot of immigrants entered the UK pretending to be ‘skilled workers’ while they actually came to work as low skilled workers.

Tier 2 visa is a five-year visa for skilled workers who have got a job offer from a UK employer. They need a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from their prospective employer, which proves that the vacancy is genuine. There’s a list of occupations eligible for Tier 2.

James Brokenshire, UK Immigration and Security Minister said: “We’ve all heard the stories under the last government of people on skilled visas working as takeaway drivers – but our reforms are cracking down on abuse.

The fact that fewer than two per cent of Tier 2 sponsor licence applications were refused under the old government is ample illustration of the open-door immigration policy and the incompetence of the UK Border Agency in administering it.

Our reformed immigration enforcement operation has been given renewed focus and vigour by operating under direct ministerial oversight. Crackdowns like this are yet another example of how we are building an immigration system that works for British nationals and legitimate migrants, and is tough on those who flout the rules.”

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Since the last changes, the immigration officers are able to refuse Tier 2 applications if they consider it’s not a genuine skilled job or if the applicant is not qualified enough for that job.

Even people applying for transferring into their UK based subsidiary will be scrutinized now.

The UK Home office is tightening the rules for the Tier 2 visa, checking the size and background of the business. Job advertising is obligatory if a UK based company wants to employ someone from abroad and they will be required to prove there’s no UK resident suitable to take the job.

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