Visa First helps recruiting Irish workers for rebuilding Christchurch NZ

Various employment agencies and contractors have got in touch with Visa First to ask for assistance regarding hiring qualified Irish workers, who are to participate in the rebuilding of the New Zealand city of Christchurch, which was badly affected by several devastating earthquakes during the years 2010 and 2011.

The increased demand for new workforce has been caused by the fact that a number of insurance companies have released significant amounts of money in order to settle the post-earthquake claims with individuals and businesses from the local community.

Edwina Shanahan, Manager with, has issued the following statement concerning the issue:

“In June or July of this year, we expect the funds to be released by the insurance companies, which means they work on the rebuild will ramp up considerably.

In 2011 alone approximately 4,000 Irish people travelled to NZ on permanent residency, skilled migrant or working holiday visas.

So New Zealand is already a popular destination for Irish people looking for work.

However, we envisage this figure growing significantly in 2012 in line with increased demand for tradespeople and construction professionals to assist with the rebuild,”

“Irish qualified engineers, quantity surveyors, construction project managers, are fortunate in that they speak English and have an easily recognisable qualification, so employers know what they are getting when they look at an Irish skilled CV.

We have found however that for some trades, an employer likes to see evidence of work experience and we provide this with applications, for carpenters and builders, and painters”.

You can visit Visa First website to find out how to apply for a New Zealand Visa.



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