Russian Visa Application

If you are planning to visit Russian you will probably need to apply for a Russian visa (exception are passport holders from Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Commonwealth of Independent States ). The Russian Visa is a document that is added to your passport and that gives you a permission to enter and leave Russia within the time period indicated in the visa. So what are the necessary steps when applying for a Russian Visa?

  • First of all you need to determine what kind of visa you need. Generally, six types of Russian visas exist – tourist visa, business visa, personal visa, student visa, work visa and transit visa
  • Second you need to obtain invitation; this is absolutely crucial step in order to obtain your visa.
  • After you receive the invitation you must prepare the following documents in order to complete your application: Completed and signed Russian visa application form; The Visa invitation that you have received in the previous step; Your passport (must be valid for at least six months after you leave Russia); A recent passport-sized photo; Travel insurance.
  • The last step is to actually apply for your visa at the nearest Russian Consulate. Visa first can help you here as well.
  • After you arrive in Russia you will have up to seven business days to register your visa, Provided that you are residing at a hotel they will usually do the registration for you. Otherwise you have to talk with the owner of the place in which you are staying.

If you want to go through the whole process quickly and hassle free Visa First can help you. We can process your visa in just seven days after the receipt of your application and provide you with an invitation. For more information please visit the Russian Visa  section of our website and fill the online application form.


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