Documentary on working holiday program in Canada to be released in 2013

The Taiwanese Movie director Lin Yen-chieh is going to record documentary series that will record and chronicle the working holiday experiences of the Taiwanese youth in Canada.

The purpose of the movie will be to increase the popularity of the working holiday program and to distribute the message that overseas work and travel programs can be much more than just fun and money-earning.

Currently, a large number of young Taiwanese are travelling on working holidays in many different countries such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and New Zealand.

This gives them the opportunity not only to make some money but also to enrich their intercultural competence by immersing in a particular foreign culture and its language and establishing a connection with a lot of new foreign friends.

The movie director Lin Yen-chieh was himself one of the first people, which visited Canada in 2010 with a Working Holiday Visa, just immediately after the Working Holiday Program between Taiwan and Canada was established.

At that time he was graduating student. The experiences that he gained while in Vancouver served him as an inspiration for the upcoming movie.

The higher wages that he earned in Canada made it possible for him to work just a few days a week and he spent recording different events and people with his camera.

After his Working Holiday Visa expired he decided to make a movie about six people, who are visiting Canada on Working Holidays.

Each one is with a different personality, but all of them are opened to foreign cultures and enthusiastic about their future. After the character casting has been finished Lin will spend one year with them in Canada documenting his/her experience.

Up to this moment, more than 20 people have shown interest to participate in the movie.

The documentary will be most probably finished in 2013 and will take place mostly in Vancouver.


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