5 Christmas Destinations for Honeymooners

Honeymooners celebrating Christmas abroad

The long Christmas break and the romantic and intimate feeling that’s associated with Christmas really makes the festive season the perfect one for both a wedding and honeymoon.

Fortunately, thanks to modern travel you can decide on whether you wish to visit a destination that’s aptly seasonal or choose to go somewhere warm and sunny for your honeymoon.

Some prefer the palm trees and sun, whereas some would be lost without the snow, warm clothes and the decorated pine trees.

So, whether it’s for practical reasons or romantic ones, where are the most idyllic places to go for December or January honeymoons – here are some suggestions.

New York

It’s hard to think of a place that seems more Christmas like than the US’s most infamous city. We’ve all seen Home Alone, Miracle on 39th Street and the Santa Clause – so a New York Christmas is often the thing of childhood dreams.

Whether you want to go skating in Central Park, relive those childhood film memories and visit FAO Schwarz or take a trip out to beautiful New York State, you’ll be more than delighted.

Of course, take in all the usual stuff too, a limo from the airport, a yellow taxi ride and a trip to a Broadway show to ensure it’s a honeymoon never to forget.


Another cold country and another one that has certain magic at Christmas time; Iceland is the home of geothermal waters, geysers and a great place to see the Northern Lights from.

Why not take a romantic husky ride and stay in some of the country’s grand hotels. It’s a wonderful place to visit at Christmas and most especially for a honeymoon.

South Africa

A little bit of heat is no harm during the winter and South Africa provides a comfortable degree of warmth with temperatures around the 20 degree Celsius mark.

The country provides a whole host of wonderful thrills. Whether you wish to go on a safari, chill out beside your luxury hotel’s infinity pool, or take a trip to the Cape of Good Hope to view dolphins, you’ll have an astonishing time.


If you want something a little warmer again, then Argentina and Buenos Aires, in particular, can be a perfect winter holiday destination.

With highs of around 30 degrees, proximity to Uruguay and the rest of South America and also amazing steak, Argentina is a foodies dream.

The city itself is also quite European in its nature and it’s nice to see Christmas done the Argentinian way. It’s a great alternative to the traditional honeymoon areas.


Of course, if you want a beach holiday, why not go all out there and take a journey to Cambodia.

The country is up and coming and offers similarities to Thailand 20 years ago before over-commercialisation.

The Gulf of Thailand provides beautiful beaches and reasonable prices and locals are friendly and sincere. Of course, Angkor Watt and other sights also provide you with plenty to do and see.

Cormac Reynolds writes for First Vehicle Leasing a UK car leasing and contract hire company.

A guest post by Cormac Reynolds


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