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New Zealand citizens that live in Australia are going to protest this night against what they see as incredibly discriminative and unjust immigration laws. The organizers of the protests are the `Iwi n Aus Foundation’ There are four scheduled protests and they will take place in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia, starting at 8 pm Australian time.

The group says legislation passed in 2001 blocks New Zealanders living across the Tasman from benefits including disability care, welfare and social housing. According to the group it has been increasingly difficult for New Zealand families to live in Australia as they are at a disadvantage due to unfair and restrictive immigration laws.  Iwi n Aus Foundation is run by a group of mothers and they say that the current immigration rules are so unjust that they will hurt not only them but also their children and grandchildren as well.

Founder member Erina Anderson told AAP that many people back in their homeland are unaware of how tough things can be for New Zealanders living in Australia. He thinks that if the Prime Minister John Key wants to stop New Zealanders from coming to Australia he just have to tell them what they should expect from such a move.

This means that nobody will take his or her family leave for Australia the children of New Zealand immigrants are not granted equal rights under the law. Ms Anderson told the media that they cannot get permanent residence permit because their professions are not included in the Australia skilled occupations list.

When Australian Prime Minister Tonny Abbot met his New Zealand colleague at the beginning of this month he said that the New Zealand citizens have the privilege of living anywhere in Australia without the need for approval. But he wouldn’t budge on New Zealanders’ eligibility for other benefits, saying he expected migrants to be “lifters not leaners”

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