Illegal Workers Cost More Than What They Are Worth

Legal Worker

Australian employers are now encouraged to use the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) service as part of a national campaign designed to educate employers about the importance of legal workers.

The participating organizations in the campaign are the National Farmers Federation, Australian Workers Union, Horticulture Australia Council and the Australian Industry Group.

Whether you are an employer illegally hiring foreign workers, or an employee illegally working in Australia, there will be serious consequences. For example, employers will “face fines of up to $13 200 and two years’ imprisonment while companies face fines of up to $66 000 per illegal worker,” says

The Fair Work Ombudsman campaign is to spread light on the subject specifically in the horticulture industry because a huge number of the backpackers in Australia occupy this field, and ” it was crucial for the industry complies with immigration requirements in its employment practices,”  Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) spokesman said.

In short, if you plan to go to Australia to work, make sure your visa status allows you to as your employer is highly likely to check your visa entitlement.

VEVO, being an online system for organisations to check visa holder entitlements, appears to be of great help to confirm workers’ eligibility.

It is mostly used by labour supply companies and employers, education providers, or other organizations that need to check whether the person is permanently or temporarily in Australia.

In addition, visa holders can also take advantage of the system as they can see details regarding their visas.

For more information on how to use VEVO, visit


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