60 000 new asylum seekers reach the EU borders

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According to the EU Border Agency – Frontex a record number of immigrants have reached the border of the Union both by sea and foot during the first half of 2014. The migrants have travelled via eight main migration routes, the most popular being the Central Mediterranean route which brings migrants by boat from North Africa to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Almost half of the incoming immigrants are entering the route from Lybia to Lampedusa Italy. Lampedusa is Italian territory, but it is located 112 km the coasts of Lybia. Almost 25 000 immigrants have used the route in order to enter the EU in 2014.

The second most popular route is the Eastern Mediterranean which brings immigrants from Turkey by foot. Asylum seekers, who choose this path enter EU through various methods. Some may come by boat to the GreekIslands.

Others will cross the Black Sea into Romania and Bulgaria. Frontex estimates that nearly 6,000 migrants have used this route so far in 2014. According to international law, once they enter a particular country, immigrants cannot be expelled, without their asylum applications being reviewed.

The Italian government has already seen increasing costs of protecting the country’s water borders. The main reason for the upsurge is the continued violence in Syria. The Syrian civil war has continued for three years.

Thousands have been killed and millions have been displaced. The UNHCR says that almost three million people have been displaced. Many of those people are living in immigrant camps in neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. A large people of people, however inevitably escapes from there and enters EU in order to search for a better life.

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