Little Advice for Big Australia

Travelling does make you feel alive. Going places, meeting people and taking pictures is breath-taking, fulfilling and incomparable. Memories remain and make you feel nostalgic about the good times you once had.

You don’t want to remember these times with regret. That is why you need to ensure the fun as much as possible. Planning the trip too much does not work out most of the times because it ruins the adventure. Knowing what’s coming up next just kills the excitement for some people. They prefer to hit the road with a small backpack–and improvise. It is truly great times–if you are lucky.

A survey targeting backpackers from Ireland, who went to Australia,  showed that more than 35 per cent said they wished they had saved more money and hadn’t  spent it all in one place. Because they didn’t plan their budget, they missed the opportunity to visit all the places they originally intended to see.

A common problem among backpackers on a working holiday visa is that they have had a hard time finding a job in Australia, and thus, they hated the whole travelling experience. Jobs are never guaranteed upfront, but one thing you can do is research where and what jobs are currently available. Try to contact some employers, send out resumes, contact with other travellers through forums and blogs for advice.

Going with the flow also can get you trapped in one place, while the real action is still out there. It’ll be a shame to spend half of your trip in Sydney for example, as 8 per cent of the survey participants said. They all regretted that they didn’t leave the big city earlier, and that living there is really like living in any other big city.

In short, planning without ruining the trip is possible–and smart. Researching the area you are going to, checking the weather and getting answers to your questions increases the satisfaction, and more importantly–it’s life-saving.


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