A new movie about Australia

Now playing in theatres is a new movie called “Australia”. It was released Down Under earlier this week (Wednesday). According to Nielsen EDI, the movie grossed $1,307,853 in ticket sales on its opening.

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman play the leading roles of Lady Sarah Ashley and Drover. The plot takes place in northern Australia before World War II. Adventure, Drama, War, Western – This is what you will find under Genre in IMDB. It sounds interesting as it is, however, I doubt that these for words are able to describe a movie offering a little something for each viewer.

For all of potential Australia working holidaymakers, this would be a good occasion to familiarise yourself with some Australian slang. Despite the fact that it is a fictional movie, involving some real-world events around WWII, it might give you an idea of how things were back then.

Enough talking, go out there and see the movie! 🙂


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