A Social Travel Guide with Soul

What is more fulfilling than travelling and writing about your adventures? It’s knowing that your travelling stories and advice inspire, help and motivate others. And, as a reward, you get paid for it.

A new type of social travel guide application for mobile devices is already allowing every travel-lover to create his/her own travel guide called “Essential plan” and share it with others.

That is why people call it “a social travel guide with soul” because it’s user-generated and thus – it has more personality and soul.

The great thing about this new application is that travellers can create their own travel plan which will be available to everyone.

So, if you are a shopaholic, you can create your own route with the best places to shop around in a certain area.

When a user wants to have your plan, for example, he/she can access it via in-app purchase system, through which s/he downloads it on a mobile device.

This way you generate income which is split between all the travellers participating in this guide so that you all can finance your travels and continue travelling.

To find out more about the minute application, go to minubeapp.com.


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