American startup company considers setting up a floating tech company incubator in international waters

San francisco bridge

The company Blueseed has raised some significant amount of venture funding in order to research the possibility of setting up a floating tech company incubator in international waters off the Pacific Coast of the USA.

The ship is planned to be placed 20 kilometres of the coast of San Francisco. This should be close enough to the Silicon Valley so that there will be a contact with the tech community there but at the same time fat enough to ensure that the stringent USA visa rules will not apply.

Blueseed has already raised 300 000 dollars from the respected tech-investor, Mike Maples. The aim of the research will be to identify what will be the best kind of ship which is to be used.

Furthermore, legal advice will be sought in order to try to predict the eventual reaction of the US immigration authorities.

According to Max Marty, one of the directors of Blueseed the ship will serve as a business incubator and tech entrepreneurs from all over the world will be able to start their companies there.

Once the companies reach 5-10 million dollars of revenue they will be able to transfer themselves onshore.

The plan is that the ship should be able to house 1,000 people and contain offices, shops and living quarters.

The rationale behind this enterprise is the fact that due to the fact that the Silicon Valley is the centre of the global tech industry, every IT entrepreneur wishes to work there, but at the same time, very few foreigners have that chance, because of the restrictive work visa policies of the American Government.

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