Anti-immigrant parties post strong gains in Euro elections

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Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant parties have posted strong gains on the last weekend European elections. Their victory was so resounding that many mainstream French politicians likened the results of the elections to a political earthquake. Voters in 21 of the EU’s 28 nations went to the polls Sunday, choosing lawmakers for the bloc’s 751-seat legislature.

The other seven countries in the bloc had already voted in a sprawling exercise of democracy that began Thursday in Britain and the Netherlands. The far-right National Front in France has won 25% of the vote or around 4 million voters. The National Front is similar to many other anti-EU parties in that, that it promotes anti-immigrant policies and eurosceptic political agenda.

In Greece, the far-left anti-European party Syriza managed to win 25% of the vote and to become the leading political force in the country. In addition to that, the extreme-right Golden Dawn also managed to win three seats as well. Even in Germany which has been traditionally the most pro-European countries, the extreme parties managed to gain voters.

The neo-Nazi party NPD will send one MEP in Brussels. Pro-European parties “have to take very seriously what is behind the vote,” said Martin Schulz of the Socialist group in parliament. Having taken into account the rising trend of anti-EU sentiment many of the Europe leaders will meet in order to discuss what kind of changes should be implemented in the structure of the European Union so that it reflects better the attitudes and the desires of the European people.

Many politicians have argued that more power should be handed from Brussels back to the national governments. Despite the success of the anti-establishment politicians, the pro-EU parties are still in majority. Totally they gain two-thirds of the vote and will be able to for a working pro-EU majority.


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