Anti-Tourism Commercials – Australia vs. New Zealand

In shopping mall design, the Gruen transfer refers to the moment when consumers respond to “scripted disorientation” cues in the environment. It is named for Austrian architect Victor GruenWikipedia

The Gruen Transfer is also a very popular show in Australia. Not long ago they gave two tourist agencies the task sell the unsellable. In a funny twist, they end up making videos on invading New Zealand :). The logo at the end of the second video leaves a very odd idea in peoples minds.

In order to restore balance in the universe, The Gruen Transfer released another video so New Zealand can have their pay-back :).

I’ve literally “stumbled upon” these videos while playing around with the Stumble! button. It seems like none of the sides considers the videos offensive. One of the comments I came across was from a New Zealand guy, saying –  “New Zealand has a navy! Both ships are in Auckland most of the time, and the big one had no accident for 10 months – how do you like that!”

It’s nice to see that people can make a laugh out it and don’t get offended!


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