How do I apply for a working holiday visa for Australia? And how long will it take? – Our customer service answers the question

Visa First Live Chat

17:25:42  Kenn: Welcome to the visa first live chat! How can I help you today?
17:26:32  Shannon: Hi I was enquiring how I go about applying today for a working holiday visa for Australia. And how long will it take?
17:26:54  Kenn: The best way to apply for the visa is over the phone, Shannon
17:27:11  Kenn: We just need to confirm some of your passport details, a few additional questions along with the payment details
17:27:20  Kenn: That will be sufficient to process your application
17:27:28  Kenn: And the standard processing time is 2 working days
17:28:05  Shannon: Ok great? How much does it cost and do u pay when I apply or when it comes back?
17:28:26  Kenn: The standard arrival package we organize costs 410 EUR
17:28:48  Kenn: That includes your 1-year working holiday visa, Oz bank account, tax file number and a SIM card for your mobile as a bonus
17:29:00  Kenn: Basically everything you’ll need to start working
17:29:26  Kenn: In order to process the application we need to deduct the payment for the full visa fee
17:29:28  Shannon: Is it any cheaper if I just get the visa without the other extras?
17:29:55  Kenn: Well the visa on its own comes to 365 EUR
17:30:11  Kenn: However to be honest with you, Shannon, that is a very uncommon option
17:30:23  Kenn: People going to Oz for the first year would rather book any of the arrival packages
17:30:47  Kenn: Both the bank account and the tax code are proved to be mandatory in order to start working, that’s why we have included them in the basic pack
17:31:05  Kenn: The visa alone is normally booked by people going for 2nd working holiday visa…
17:31:19  Kenn: So it’s 365 for the visa and 410 for the package
17:31:34  Kenn: I believe that the pack is a better deal
17:32:32  Shannon: Ok grand can u leave it with me then and I will give u a call when I’m ready to apply thanks for your help.
17:32:42  Kenn: Sure
17:32:50  Kenn: You can call back 01 878 3329
17:32:59  Kenn: Please ask for Ken
17:33:11  Kenn: I’ll be dealing with your application
17:33:22  Kenn: So whenever you decide anything, you can get back to me
17:35:17  Shannon: Ok thanks. My brother is in Australia and said I don’t need the package as he will help me get the bank acc etc when I arrive as I’m not planning in working for the first three months that’s why I asked. Do all companies charge the same or are u in competition with each other?
17:36:13  Kenn: I believe that 365 is the best rate you can find with any agency around in Ireland, Shannon
17:36:28  Kenn: We have best price guarantee
17:36:38  Kenn: And we do our best to give you the best possible rate
17:38:01  Shannon: Ok great. I have a flight booked for Dec 3rd so need to get this sorted ASAP. How do I pay?
17:38:29  Kenn: You can pay over the phone with any credit/debit/laser card
17:38:52  Kenn: If you are going in a month, it is a very good time to get the process started now
17:40:59  Shannon: Ah yea I no I will lodge money onto my card then and give you a call ken. Thanks for your help.
17:41:15  Kenn: Perfect Shannon
17:41:22  Kenn: I’ll speak with you soon then 🙂
17:41:37  System: The visitor “Shannon ” is disconnected
17:41:37  System: Chat session finished


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