Asia becomes leading source for Australian immigrants


Asia will become the leading source for Australian immigrants. This reflects a global trend that is called Asian century. The new report released by the Australian Department of Immigration and citizenship covers Australian immigration during the years 2011/2012.

It provides a lot of data that confirms the significant change in the origins of Australia’s immigrants. It was the first time when China and India were the top sources of immigrants.

In addition to that seven out of the first ten countries were in Asia. The report also shows that in the period between 2006 and 2012 the foreign-born population of Australia grew by 40%.

In relation to the newly release data the Australian Immigration Minister Brandon O’Connor said: ‘This was more than double the rate for the Australian born population and is essential in addressing the demographic challenges of an ageing population,’ With the government’s strong emphasis on skilled migration, this sort of growth is also crucial to ensuring depth in Australia’s labour force,’ he added.

The number of people with Chinese descent born in Australia has tripled in the last decade, while the number of Indian-born Australian residents has increased nearly four times. Since September 2005 Net Overseas Migration (NOM) has overtaken natural increase as the main component of Australia’s population growth.

For the year March 2011 to March 2012, NOM added 197,200 people to the population or 59.5% of the total growth for that period. Despite the growing number of people coming from Asia, UK is still where most of the foreigners who reside in Australia are born; it is followed by New Zealand, China and India.

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