Asian Immigration contributes to the growth of US population

The population of the United States is increasing again in 2013. This time the reason for this, however, are the newcomers from Asia. Last time during the global economic crisis the main contributors to the demographic increase in the USA were immigrants coming from Latin America.

America’s foreign-born population grew by nearly 447,000 last year, more than 2011’s 422,000 increase, according to the Census Bureau’s annual American Community Survey, a comprehensive report on the nation’s economic, social and demographic trends. The rise compares with a net outflow of nearly 32,000 people from the U.S. in 2008, the first full year of the recession.

During the decade between the crisis in 2007-2009, the net immigration has reached a level of one million people per year but declined after the crisis. The recent increase is a good sign that the situation is improving. During the last several years the decline in the housing and construction market and the general economic weakness in the country has wiped ou many low skilled jobs that provide employment opportunities for immigrants.

The increase of immigration provides higher income coming from taxation for the US government and at the same time more fluid job markets for many US employers. Some of the newcomers have higher education and income levels and may fill many high-skilled job positions that exist on the labour market.

Meanwhile, the effect that the recession has on domestic immigration – Americans moving from state to state is decreasing. Last year, the volume of domestic migration in the U.S. hit its highest level in five years, after bottoming in 2010, though it remains modest by historical standards, he says.

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