Auckland – The Abridged Guide for First Timers

Auckland, Australia

Auckland is known for its breathtaking views and rich culture that can fill up days’ worth of holiday travel. The largest metropolitan city in New Zealand has a lot to offer travellers of all ages.

Here are just a few tips and ideas to help make your first trip to New Zealand’s premier city one to remember for life.

What To Bring

When travelling to Auckland, there are articles of clothing and supplies that must be packed for ultimate travelling comfort and preparedness.

  • Flights to Auckland tend to be long, regardless of where you are travelling from, so bring plenty of entertainment to stay entertained. For an idea of flight times, durations and prices, go here.
  • Bring clothes for all seasons, as temperature and weather patterns can change on a whim.
  • Use large pieces of luggage to easily hold the clothes for different climates, as well as all of the souvenirs that will be picked up on shopping excursions.
  • Pack the usual toiletries such as soap, shampoo, and anything else you would normally bring on holiday. No additional supplies are required.
  • Hiking boots and other outdoor gear are required for travellers who enjoy spending time in the outdoors, which is highly recommended.

Where To Stay

There are many hotels of all price ranges and classes to choose from in Auckland.

Travellers who are seeking to spend quality time in their hotel on their holiday will want to choose a hotel that will provide an experience of its own.

For those who will be using their accommodation strictly for sleeping, choosing a hotel made for business travel may be a good choice.

For the more adventurous, there are many places to camp and enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months in and around New Zealand’s summer.

Hotel prices vary in Auckland. They start as low as $45 dollars per night, as can be found at the Kiwi International Hotel, and can cost $501 dollar per night at a hotel such as Hotel DeBrett.

The price of a hotel in Auckland will depend on the amenities and room features desired by the traveller.

Things To Do

When deciding what to do in Auckland, sometimes it is best to follow the recommendations of residents and officials within the city.

The official website for the City of Auckland has a list of must-do’s that can serve to be helpful to any Auckland traveller.

If you are a traveller that likes to go off the beaten path, here is a small list of things you and your family should check out during your Auckland adventure.

  • Enjoy a Heritage Walk around the city.
  • Have a picnic at the Cascade Kauri.
  • Pick fresh fruit from a local orchard.
  • Spend a day exploring one of the many beaches.
  • Explore the North Head of the North Shore Peninsula.
  • Birdwatch at Hauraki Gulf, the Firth of Thames, or Muriwai Beach.
  • Take in the beauty of the Botanic Gardens.

How to Get To Auckland

No matter where you hail from, there are exciting ways to get to Auckland. Travel by air from practically any destination.

Take a refreshing cruise.

If you are already in the beautiful country of New Zealand you can arrive in Auckland by scenic rail or road trip.


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