More Aussies will be Allowed to Live and Work in Great Britain

The new visa will give more Australians the opportunity to live and work in Great Britain.

A new visa deal was being trashed out in response to the migration changes that the British government did two years ago whereby 20,000 skilled people were prevented from applying outside the EU. This has caused a significant drop of 50% fewer Australians coming to work in the UK.

The British Government was concerned that if they make an exception for Australia, it would have to make an exception for other Commonwealth nations as well, but Australia insisted to be treated in a special way because of its status and relationship with Great Britain.

It was really strict for Aussies to enter the UK and the current British visa system was often called ‘discriminating against Australians’.

It is expected that the new policy will be completed for review by a parliamentary committee by the end of this year.

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