Australia has started new tourism promotional campaign in UK and USA

night view of an Australian city

Australia has started a new promotional campaign in order to attract a larger number of tourists in the country.

Australian national tourism agency has already signed a deal with Singapore Airlines to promote then country this month online and on television in the UK.

The new deal is worth almost 1 million pounds and will use “There is nothing like Australia” campaign int to promote Australia as a reachable destination for British people. UK and Australia have strong traditional ties but the huge distance between the two countries may put off some tourists.

The main purpose of the new campaign is to show the potential visitors that the rewards of visiting Australia are worth the distances.

The advertising creative showcases the fantastic Australian wonderful wildlife, incredible coastal experiences and the country’s fantastic food and wine.

The reason why the deal was made with Singapore Airlines is that the company offers a variety of low-cost fares, for both business and economy travellers.

These discounts will be very beneficial for the success of the campaign.

Furthermore, Singapore Airlines have more than 75 years of experience of carrying people to Australia, which is one of the main lines for the company beyond Singapore.

Australia is also very active in promoting itself to Americans. US visitor numbers to Australia grew steadily over 2012, with a more than 4% increase in the 12 months to the end of October and an 8% growth in the month of October alone compared with the same month in 2011.

These numbers show that even more Americans are considering Australia as an attractive tourist destination.

Last but not least many US citizens recognize Australia as a premier destination for business events. In the year to October, convention and conference visitors from the US to Australia rose by 30%.

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