Australia is investing more money to attract Asian tourists

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An increasing number of Asian People are interested in visiting Australia, so much so that the country’s tourism organizations have announced their plans to provide more financing for its marketing and advertising activities in the region.

Tourism Australia has announced that it will launch a new government Asia Marketing Fund worth up to A$48.5million in order to finance the promotion activities for the Australian tourism products and services in Asia.

The CEO of Tourism Australia Andrew McEvoy stated that the money will be used for further extended marketing activities and targeted market research.

During the next year, the funding will be mainly used to accelerate the already existing China 2020 Geographic Strategy plan, whose aim is to attract visitors from secondary Chinese cities such as Qingdao, Chengdu and Chongqing.

Furthermore, some funding will be allocated to attracting more visitors from Japan. The funding will also be used to strengthen the cooperation between Tourism Australia and various airline companies which operate in the Asia Pacific.

This will give the Australian tourism industry the opportunity to better understand and engage with the needs and demands of the Asian Market. The main objective of Tourism Australia is to generate greater visitation rates and monetary returns for the Australian tourism industry.

It is expected that the new promotion campaigns will bring around 19 billion dollars into the Australian economy. Asian countries are currently the largest buyer of Australian tourism and hospitality products. The number of Asian tourists coming to Australia has tripled during the last 20 years. The spending amounts have increased by approximately 65%. This makes Asia one of the key contributors to the growth of the Australian Tourism sector.

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