Australia might introduce premium visa processing service

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Tourism Australia has proposed that there should be premium visa processing to people that come to Australia and are ready to pay extra for it. This means that such kind of customers will be able to skip long queues and receive their visas much faster. It is expected that such a move will encourage big spending from visitors that come from all over the world and especially from Asia.

There are numerous Australian business executives within the tourism industry who are encouraging such a move. ‘Premium processing is a great opportunity to deliver a quicker process for visitors willing to pay more. This could include shorter turnaround for the approval process and a VIP experience on arrival in Australia,’ said TTF chief executive Ken Morrison.

At the same time, the speeding up of the process will not reduce the scrutiny with which the applications are processed, so there are not any significant negatives attached to it. So far it has not been agreed what the price of the new visa processing service will be, but it is believed that it will be with around 95 AUD more expensive than the standard processing service.

The new change is a part of the larger plan which aims to provide preferential treatment to people that pass through immigration.  The TTF has also proposed online visitor visa processing for tourists from vital visitor markets such as China, and producing visa application forms in Chinese and other key Asian languages.

In addition to that, it has been proposed that a simplified visa procedure should be made for Chinese visitors since they are one of the main customers for the Australian tourism industry. Similar simplified visa processing was recently introduced in the EU and this has increased the number of Chinese tourists with 1,3 million.

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