Australia toughens visa rules

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Legal Immigration in Australia falls short in fulfilling its purpose – to provide qualified personnel for the Australian labour market.

The 457 temporary residence visas are increasingly used for hiring unskilled workers, who enter the country mostly from Asia.

This is the keynote of recent speeches by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, former leader of “One Nation” Pauline Hanson and union leader Dave Oliver.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said in a meeting with voters in Western Sydney that a lot of Australian employers are abusing their right to attract skilled foreign workers.

Under the guise of IT and Medical staff, they are importing unqualified workforce to serve as security guards, industry service workers etc.

In that way, they are taking away jobs for the local population. This is the reason why the government is even considering abolishing the visa.

The immigration minister of Australia Brendan O’Connor has said that his department will do everything which is necessary in order to rectify the situation where foreign workers are heading for non-skilled jobs.

He noted that even the tighter rules that were adopted in 2012 did not help to improve the situation. In addition to that, the Australian labour Unions are also in favour of tighter rules.

Dave Oliver from the Australian Council of Trade Unions said that last year 40 per cent growth in the number of visas issued under the 457 visa program was registered, and the number of jobs, for example, in the construction sector, fell by 70,000.

Australia is another country that wants to avoid the population pyramid scheme of development. The reason for this is that in an economic crisis like the present one, the increase of the population does not lead to increase in profits and aggregate demand, but an increase of pressure on mega-cities and reduction of the overall quality of life.

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