Australia visited by nearly 6 million people in 2012

visa-planeNew data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the international arrivals have increased with 4,6% and have reached 6,1 million visitors during the last year. New Zealand still remains the biggest source of visitors with nearly 1,2 million trips. China and India however are the fastest growing markets for the Australian touristic industry. Japan and United States are the other countries which rank among the largest costumers of the Australian hospitality sector. Another country that showed significant growth of nearly 9% is Malaysia.

Indeed the released figures show that in the last ten years the number of visitors from China and Indian has almost tripled. China went from 190,000 visits in 2002 to 630,000 in 2012, and India from 45,000 to 160,000. Other countries in Australia’s top ten visitors list include Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Hong Kong, meaning Asian countries now cover seven of the top ten source countries for short term visits to Australia. The top five countries provided almost half of the total amount of visitors. The concerns that the high Australian dollar rate will drive tourists away from the country did not materialize.

More than two thirds, or about 4.3 million overseas visitors, arrived for holidays or to see friends and family, and the peak age group for short term visitors was 25 to 29 year olds. The average amount of time people spent in Australia was 11 days, which has been constant over the last 10 years.

According to the director of Tourism Australia Andrew McEvoy the performance of the Australian tourist sector was very strong especially in the context of the intensified competitiveness of the global hospitality industry.

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