Australia wants to attract more women in the mining industry

The Australian Government want to encourage more women to enter the country’s mining industry. For this purpose, it has set aside a budget of 450 000 Australian dollars. The money is to be used to extend an e-mentoring program, designed to partner up women working in the male-dominated resources industries, often on remote locations like oil rigs, with corporate mentors working in other states and on other projects.

The project was created by the Australian Women in Resources Alliance in cooperation with the Australian metals and mining association. According to the statistics, women comprise just 15 per cent of the workers in the mining industry.

A female engineer born in Chile has explained how working in the Australian mining industry was a dream come true. From the mining town of Calama, close to Chuquicamata, which is one of the largest open-pit copper mines in the world, Gladys Rivera explained that her grandfather was a miner and most of the family members work in mining as well.

After having obtained her qualification as an engineer, she used the Australian Skillselect in order to submit her documents for a job on the Gorgon project which is one of the largest natural resource projects in the world. ‘It is a very interesting and challenging experience.

Every day we have to face different issues and you have to deal with different circumstances with different people to solve them,’ she said. What she likes in Australia and the town in which she lives in the tranquillity that it offers together with the cafes, the discos and the beautiful beaches that are located within a reach.

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