Australia wants to strengthen ties with USA

US flag

Australian Government has as its main goal to strengthen the cultural and economic ties with the United States. The plan includes attracting more American students, skilled workers and tradespeople who want to work in OZ. Currently, the United States is the largest source for foreign direct investment in Australia. The American investment for 2013 is more than 650 billion dollars.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is heading a delegation on a visit aimed at boosting opportunities. The main purpose of the visit will be to explore new opportunities for further improving the ties between the two countries. Therefore the visit will include a meeting with key Australian – American business and economic partners. In addition to the investment – the United States in one of the largest trading partners of Australia.

The total flow of goods and services between the two countries is estimated to be in the range of 50 – 60 billion Australia dollars every year. An additional focus of the meeting will be the emergence of Asia as one of the major economic and production powerhouses of the 21 century. There will be a discussion about both the positive sides and the challenges that are connected with the rise of many Asian economies.

A major theme of an address to the Australian Outlook Luncheon in New York will be the new Government’s commitment to ‘economic diplomacy’ which is defined by Australia’s commitment to openness in foreign investment that the government of the country has.

A major promotional highlight will involve the EmpireStateBuilding lit up in green and gold in recognition of the friendship between the two countries to mark Australia Day. It is part of the G’ day USA program to promote Australia as a trade and investment partner and tourism destination.

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