Australia will change the way it protects its borders

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The Immigration Minister of Australia Scott Morrison has announced that there will be a lot of changes in the way Australia defends its borders. There will be a new agency that will be created – the Australian Border Force. The ABF will be made of customs and immigration staff. The Headquarters will be based Canberra and it will be headed by and commissioner of similar seniority to the Chief of the Defence Force (Australian armed services). According to Mr Morrison the new agency will save millions of dollars to the Australian taxpayers. All the savings will be invested in further border protection measures. The new force will relay on modern technologies and on intelligence-led operations which will enable the most effective and efficient protection of the Australian borders. The main goal of the new agency will be to prevent the large number of asylum seekers reaching the Australian mainland. According to a recent statistics, in the last three years there is a soaring number of Asylum seekers trying to enter Australia. Many thousands of people took the risky journey from Indonesia to Australian waters in 2013. People from all over Asia; particularly Afghanistan, Iran, Sri Lanka and Pakistan paid up to $10,000 to make the trip. The smugglers use old boats which makes the journey very risky. There is not exact statistics about how many people have drowned on the way to the Australian coasts. At the same time the public opinion in Australia seems to be strongly against the Asylum seekers, which has forced the government to reopen the camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, where the asylum seekers are hosted, until their applications are processed in Australia. The new ruling coalition led by Tony Abbot has got much further in their attempt to protect the Australian borders. He has promised to deploy the Australian navy in order to send the asylum seekers back to Indonesia.  The new government instigated Operation Sovereign Borders, a coordinated military campaign aimed at preventing asylum seekers reaching Australia.

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