Australian and New Zealand featured in the global labour market report of Hays

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The global human resources consulting company Hays has published the Hays Global Report 2012.

The report features 27 countries around the world and its purpose is to identify skill shortages and their effects on average salaries.

Its sections about Australia and New Zealand have found out that both countries face various sector-specific labour shortages.

In Australia, the current resources boom is causing a lot of demand for skilled professionals who have experience in the mining sector.

Furthermore, there are other shortages throughout a number of industries including accountants, accountants, marketing professionals, and managers.

According to Hays, these shortages may get worse as there are a lot of large scale resource projects that are scheduled to start during the next year.

Australia is given a good mark of 3.8 (against a global average of 5.4) for its flexible labour market and its willingness to grant visas to appropriately skilled foreigners to work in the resources sector.

In New Zealand, the rebuilding of the city of Christchurch after the earthquake in 2011 is causing a lot of demand in the construction industry.

The shortage is noticeably higher for positions such as quantity surveyors, residential project managers, senior commercial project managers, machine operators and project managers with drainage experience.

The restricted supply in combination with the increased demand has led to a significant increase in the salaries for those positions.

In order to find enough personnel for the rebuilding of Christchurch, New Zealand has created a new system to enable international workers to register for jobs in Christchurch known as the Christchurch Skills and Employment Hub.

The system will give the right to workers will allow foreign workers to receive New Zealand working visa for such positions for which no local labour candidates exist

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