Australian casino mogul wants tourist visa applications for Chinese citizens to be relaxed

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The Australian Casino Boss James Packer has said that Australian should be ready to relax tourist visa application process for Chinese Visitors. Mr Packer, who is the second richest man in Australia according to the business magazine Forbes is founder and chairman of Crown Limited – a hospitality company which partly owns and manages resorts and casinos worldwide.

According to Mr Packer, the Australian resorts receive, direct competition from resorts located in other countries and the stringent visa rules for Chinese citizens are making the things difficult for local hotels and casinos. During an interview on Melbourne radio station 3AW693 News Talk, Mr Packer said ‘Why would it be any harder for a Chinese citizen to get a visa to visit Australia than it would be for an American citizen to get a visa to visit Australia?”.

In addition to that Mr Packer thinks that it does not make sense that visa applications for Chinese citizens must be filled in English and must be processed through the post, instead of face to face.  Mr Packer is one of the best-connected Australian businessmen. His parents and grandparents were media moguls.

At the time of his death, his great grandfather has built a significant ownership stake at Australian Associated Newspapers. Mr Packer has pointed out that new visa rules will support the government trade and investment agenda and will stimulate the business ties with China.

Shortly after that visit, Australia’s immigration minister Scott Morrison and trade minister Andrew Robb announced that Australia would issue three-year multiple entry visas for Chinese businesspeople.

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