Australian Government releases new booklet to help new immigrants

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The Australian Immigration authorities have released a new publication whose objective is to help newcomers to settle down and integrate into the Australian community. The new brochure describes the Australian Immigration Policy and the government services that are available to help new immigrants to begin their new life in Australia.

The booklet provides basic information about the government’s settlement services whose objective is to maximise opportunities for newly arrived immigrants. It will be distributed to libraries, migrant resource centres and various community organizations.

The Settlement policy of Australia is designed in such a way that it can capitalize on the economic, social and humanitarian benefits of immigration. It provides all new immigrants with the opportunity to flourish and prosper in the country.

The settlement services offered by the Australian Government help the newcomers to develop the necessary knowledge and skills that they need in order to become fully integrated members of the Australian society. The settlement policy is part of the Australian Government’s vision of a socially inclusive society in which all residents have equal opportunity to participate and contribute to the community.

Immigrants are an important contributor to the success of the Australian economy and therefore the investment in the government’s settlement policy is an investment in the future of Australia.

Meanwhile, a lot of Australian trade unions have expressed its determination to fight against racism on working place by introducing a new campaign whose aim is to stimulate mutual understanding and intercultural tolerance.

The president of the Australian Trade Council Ged Kearney said that the impact that racism might have on individuals families and communities should never be underestimated.

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