Australian Government will increase the prices of the Working Holiday Visa

Australian visas

The Australian treasurer Wayne Swan has announced, that the price for many Australian visas will be raised. The reason for this is that Australia needs to raise AUD 500 million for its yearly budget.

Due to falling export prices and decreased tax income, Mr Swan and the Finance Minister Penny Wong is having difficulties in keeping the state budget on track for the promised surplus of 1,5 billion Australian dollars this year.

All migrants that find the Australian beaches and lifestyle attractive will now have to pay  $450 dollars – with $100 more than before for the subclass 457 Sponsorship visa, which allows foreign skilled workers to come to Australia if they have an employer sponsoring them.

Other increases in visa prices, that are expected to be announced during the current week include:

The price of partner visas for people, who are in Australia and want to marry or enter a relationship with an Australian citizen, will rise from $3060 to $3400.

Partner visas (offshore) from $2060 to about $2700 for people living overseas, who want to migrate to be with a husband, wife or fiance or fiancee.

Last but not least, the price for the popular Working Holiday Visa will be increased from 280 AUD to 350 AUD.

According to the Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, it is reasonable to charge the prospective immigrants more for their visa application processing.

“The fact is there are plenty of people from around the world who want to work in Australia because of our substantial economic strengths during these times of global economic uncertainty,” Mr Bowen said. “Changes or increased charges would be in areas where there is significant demand.”

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