Australian Immigration department will not give free advice for illegal immigrants

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The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced that it will end taxpayer funded immigration advice for people, who come illegally in the country on boats. This move is part of a broader campaign which aims to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in Australia and is expected to save at least 100 million Australian dollars from the current government expenditure. According to Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the responsibilities that Australia has towards illegal immigrants, do not include providing them with free immigration advice after they have arrived in the country. ‘If people choose to violate how Australia chooses to run our refugee and humanitarian programme, they should not presume upon the support and assistance that is provided to those who seek to come the right way, and they should certainly not receive additional assistance, as they did under the previous government,’ Morrison said.

Nevertheless the removal of the free visa assistance will not mean that illegal immigrants will not be able to seek legal assistance. There are many who are able such kind of advice on a “pro bono” basis. In addition to that the government will still provide clear and multilingual instructions to the newcomers on what they are supposed to do after having illegally crossed the borders of the country. Moreover they will be given information that will help them to submit and asylum applications as fast as possible and will show them the different options that they have if the want to remain in Australia. Last but not least all of the persons, who are currently on the Australian territory and are affected by those changes, will be notified and all of the legal advice that is already commenced will be finished.

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