The Australian immigration might have already peaked

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According to recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the immigration boom that the country is experiencing might have already peaked and the trend may reverse in the future. The Net Immigration number in April this year was 390 000 which was a little bit less in comparison with April 2013 when it was 402 000. Nevertheless the number of net immigration in Australia is still quite high. The Australian government set as its target attracting at least 250 000 immigrants per year in the next decade. The proactive immigration policy of Australia has begun since the end of the second world war.  The then immigration minister, Arthur Calwell, encouraged immigrants to settle in the country and warned that Australia will either populate or perish. The population of Australia in 1945 was about 7,400,000 and was overwhelmingly descended from British and Irish settlers, many of whom were criminals transported to Australia as punishment by the British during the 18th and 19th centuries. During the second half of twentieth century there have been waves of immigration from other European countries such as Italy, Greece, Croatia and Netherlands. Most recently Asian countries like China and India are the larges sources for new Australian immigration. With the rising number of newcomers, the Australian population has grown extremely diverse as well. Recent demographic statistics show that a third of Australians identify themselves as having ancestry in the UK, about 4.5% say they are of Chinese descent and 2% say they are ethnically Indian. In addition to that there are around 300 000 Australians born in China and 230 000 who have India as their birthplace. Despite the fact that the new coalition government said that it will cut the asylum application abuses it has stated that it remains committed to attracting other types of immigrants.

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