Australian tourism industry protests against the increase of the Working Holiday Visa prices

A lot of the members of Australian tourism industry say that they strongly oppose the increase of the price of Working Holiday Visa which is going to be implemented on 1 January 2013 by the government’s treasurer Wayne Swan.

Around 30 of the most important backpacker’s product are represented by the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC). The organization will spearhead the issue on behalf of the industry with a joint letter to the Treasurer.

According to Peter Ovenden who is a board member of ATEC,  the Australian youth work and travel segment of the Australian tourism industry has been hit very hard in the last several years by the rising Australian dollar and the stiff international competition.

An increase in the cost of the Working Holiday Visa will, therefore, mean an additional burden for the sector.

In support of his opinion Peter Ovenden cites a statistics which shows that although there is an increase in the number of Working Holiday Visas issued, there is a decrease in the money and the time which the average working holidaymaker spends in Australia.

Furthermore, the latest overseas arrivals figures published last week by the Australia Bureau of Statistics show 5,1% decrease in the September quarter arrivals from the UK and other countries in the Eurozone.

This indicates the pressures which the global financial crisis puts on the international youth exchange industry.

Australian Tourism Export Council recommends that some measures such as extending the regional working category, reducing financial requirements and allowing multiple visa opportunities can increase the ten-year spend of the working holidaymakers with 700 million Australian dollars which will produce the necessary revenue effect for the Australian economy which the treasurer Swan searches to achieve with the rise of the prices.

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