Australian Universities do well in international rankings

For many years now there are a lot of foreign students that choose Australia as their study destination.

The Australian government has spent a lot of time money and effort in order to improve the quality of public education in the country.

It is therefore not a surprise that three Australian Universities are featured in the top ten in the last QS World University Ranking.

There is a common misconception with regards to overseeing students with many people automatically assuming that once their university days are over they will return “home”.

However, it seems that the pull towards Australia is too great for many people and more and more students are now taking up the opportunity of working and living in Australia on a long-term basis, offering much-needed skill sets to the Australian workforce.

So which are the best universities in Australia? The University of Melbourne ranks on the third place, Monash University is sixth and the University of Sydney occupies the ninth place.

QS World University Rankings are compiled according to a variety of criteria such as feedback from the workplace, educational results and an array of student surveys.

The survey ranks not only universities but also single subjects and disciplines which are available for both domestic and international students.

Psychology seems to be one of the hot topics because the University of Melbourne is ranked seventh in the world.

Education is also another area in which Australian universities are very strong which will feed the ever-improving quality of education in the country.

Another university disciplines that seem to do well in the rankings are linguistics, philosophy, geography, politics, international studies as well as environmental sciences and agriculture.

At the same time, there is an ongoing debate about the overseas skilled workers who move about Australia.

Although some unions are sceptical about the influx of immigrants, it is a fact that Australian has benefited a lot from the increase of the increased foreign immigration during the last several years.

Whether or not this is becoming saturated is a matter for debate but government policy appears to be in disarray with this week’s announcement that alleged 457 visa abuse numbers were “estimates” and in reality nowhere near the actual figures.

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