Australians face discrimination

As bizarre at it may sound, Australians have a hard time with discrimination in their motherland. Recently, there have been several cases where Australians are not allowed to enter a club or sleepover at hotels and hostels. Some hotel owners and publicans favour backpackers and international travellers over Australian citizens.

According to Alex Bushnell,  The Tin Bar (located in Brisbane) recently refused entry to him and two friends on a “Backpacker Night’’ because they did not have international passports. He had to head back to the Down Under Bar & Grill on Edward Street.

The Tin Bar’s manager, Brad, comments “Australians can come in any time they want” adding “On our backpackers’ and students’ nights we throw a bunch of parties and you need an international student card or passport to get in’’.

Bunk backpackers’ hostel will welcome anyone to drink in its bar, however, they have a strict “no backpack, no dorm room” policy, allowing only travellers to stay in for the night.

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland commissioner Susan Booth clearly states that it is against the law publicans to refuse entry based on nationality. She admitting that this is not a precedent and it’s been going on for a while. According to Ms Booth, Queensland’s Hotels Association will be reminded of the law if complaints continue.


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