Becoming a German passport is too much of a hurdle for immigrants

The German Government introduced a test as one of the requirements for everyone that wants to become German citizenship. The test represents one of the many hurdles for potential German citizenship applicants. According to many experts, if the country wants to attract more foreigners, immigration barriers have to be lowered. German citizenship contains 33 questions. Many critics claim that those questions are clumsily formulated and include too much detail.

It is difficult for immigrants who have limited access to education and have problems with understanding the high level of the German language. This may lead to a certain group of immigrants to be scared of applying for German citizenship. Initially, the number of naturalizations fell in Germany after the introduction of the test. For the last four years, they have risen, though. Last year, 112,000 immigrants were naturalized, an increase of five per cent in 2011.

The economic stability in Germany has attracted a large number of foreigners in recent years. Many of them want to become naturalized citizens. People that come for countries that are hardly hit by the European debt crisis are especially interested in becoming a german passport. The number of Greeks who acquired a German passport last year rose 80 per cent; Italian-Germans increased by 30 per cent. Many of those are highly qualified young immigrants and their naturalization may bring a lot of benefits for the German economy.

With professionals needed in many industries, the German government has reinforced efforts to attract qualified migrant workers. Through targeted advertisements, some states are encouraging migrants to obtain a German passport. The slogan, “Ja, ich will,” – “Yes, I’d like to” – is emblazoned across billboards and flyers throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s largest state.

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