Boom of short-term immigration in Australia

map of Australia

Australia is experiencing a boom of short-term migration according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Most newcomers are coming from China and India. Up to July 2013, there were 677,980 permanent and long term arrivals into Australia, a new record, but this was partly offset by 370,890 permanent and long term departures from Australia. There were 11,770 people who stated they were permanent arrivals, an increase of 0.3% compared with July 2012.

People born in China accounted for the largest proportion of settlers at 13%, followed by people born in India at 12.6%, those from New Zealand at 11.5% and Iraq at 7.5%. The data also shows that there are around 8000 Australian citizens, who said, that their goal is to depart permanently from Australia. For the short term arrivals, the increasing trend continues although there is a drop in the number of people that come from Japan and Malaysia with 9,6% and 0,3 respectively.

Visitors from China account for the biggest year on year rise among the short-term arrivals in the country. The increased with 17% in comparison with the previous year. Visitors from Hong Kong increased by 10%. Indonesia, Thailand, Fiji, Malaysia and China record smaller trend changes at 2%, 2.8%, 5.9%, 4.4% and 3.2% respectively. No percentage decreases were recorded.

The figures that were released do not take into account temporary visas like for example student and skilled workers which have the 457 visas. A separate Immigration Department report shows that net overseas migration for Australia for 2012/2013 was 237,000 up from 208,000 the previous year.

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